Wardrobe Essentials


What does every girl need in her closet?  Here are some tips:

Plain v-neck t-shirts: Wear with jeans, skirts, shorts, cropped pants.  Dress up or dress down with jewelry or scarves.  I love J.crew's v-neck t-shirts that come in all colors.

A White Collared Shirt: One of your most versatile pieces.  Wear it with a skirt to work, wear it with a pair of jeans, it is your carte blanche to effortless style.

A Black or Navy Blue Blazer: Wear it with a pencil skirt to work or a a pair of jeans when you're out on a date.  Cover up your sundress with a cropped or boyfriend blazer.  The skies the limit.

A Cardigan:  I'd prefer to have many cardigans, but a cardigan is key to a modest wardrobe.  Wear it over a sleeveless shirt, dress, etc. and wear a belt over it to tailor down the look.  

Pencil Skirt: A pencil skirt in a dark, neutral color like black or gray is perfect for work, church, or even heading out.  Make it professional with a collared blouse, or a blouse and cardigan.  I love the look of long, belted cardigans with a pencil skirt.  It's slimming and flattering.  My only tip, don't get a skirt too tight.  Make sure it's well-fitted so you avoid looking trashy and stuffed into the skirt.

Little Black Dress:  I know it's cliche, but a little black dress can go a long way.  I can't tell you how many times I wish I had one in my closet!  (Instead I have a chocolate brown dress, doesn't quite have the same effect.)  

Sundress: Made of cotton or silk, a sundress can add color to your wardrobe.  Since most of my favorite sundresses are sleeveless, I like to wear a cardigan over it.  Go for contrasting colors (i.e. a mint green cardigan with a poppy orange) or a monochromatic look (i.e. light purple over a darker purple), or a neutral white or cream over most any spring dress.

Black Heels:  Not much needs to be said about the magic of a good pair of black heels.  I love the pair I posted on this page.  They could be worn in a professional atmosphere, church, party, or wedding.  

Nude Heels:  When all else fails, wear a nude-colored heel.  It goes with most any ridiculous color you have in your closet.  They look refined and polished.  Love them.  

Ballet Flats
Tan/Neutral Leather Purse
Thick and thin belts
Neutral and Colorful Scarves
Statement necklace, earrings

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