Friday, August 31, 2012

All That's Pleated Is Gold: Metallic and Chambray

**The JunieBlake Giveaway ends Tonight (Friday, 8/31/12) at midnight EST!  Be sure to enter; click on the link for details.
Skirt: J.crew, Top: J.crew, Shoes: Dollhouse via Ross, Bag: Michael Kors via TJMaxx, Necklace: Frock You

I need to give credit where credit is due.  My husband who is the master of the universe when it comes to puns, made up the title of my blog after I asked for some inspiration.  Maybe I should seek out his help more!  Anyway, Today is Friday and I am excited to go out with my dear husband for a little date night.  Today's outfit is me trying, yet again, to get away with a dressy piece, my J.crew metallic gold dot skirt.  I tried to do so by dressing it down with a button-up chambray top and pointed ballet flats.  I accessorized with a vintage three layer beaded necklace, a woven belt from New York and Co. and my cream leather Michael Kors bag.  I think I've mentioned this purse on here before, but yes, I got it for a stellar deal at TJMaxx awhile back.  I can't buy things like this full price anymore when I know I find it for half the price.

I love polka dots, gold, AND pleats.  What could possibly be better?

I hope you all have a great weekend and please be sure to enter into the JunieBlake Giveaway!!!  Yes, I'm screaming this at you!


  1. Fantastic outfit! Adore the chambray with the grey sequin skirt - gorgeous combo!
    By any chance if you have facebook could you please help me win my competition by clicking the "HELP ME WIN" link bellow? I really need help and I would so appreciate you lending a hand! =)

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


    1. I would love to help out, but right now I don't have a personal fb account! Nautical Stripes facebook is linked to my sister's account :(
      I hope you win though!

  2. I think you nailed it! When in doubt...add chambray! :oP

  3. You look awesome! The skirt is totally adorable. Have a great toime too!

  4. Super pretty dressed down dressy look.

  5. Gorgeous you and your outfit!

    <3 From:

  6. OH MY GOSH I NEED THAT SKIRT. I'm super jealous. It's gorgeous!

    Method Clothe

  7. This is SO SO cute! Love the metallic with the chambray.

  8. Mindy!

    I'm oooing and ahhing over that skirt! I love that it's metallic and pleated.
    It's the perfect combination to be classy and edgy. It's so you, I love it!

    And I'm just like you about paying full price on clothing and accessory. Rarely I make exceptions...

    I told my husband, Lehi about you and he was sad for me that you didn't live in Utah. We could have gone to Sundance together!

  9. Mindy, you're killing me! I'm LOVING all these outfits! Seriously that's what you look like after church and haggard? That polka dot dress is adorable! I love the contrast of the denim/metallic pleats and the cream lace/gray sweater. So adorable. I can always count on your blog to have some sweet looks, I cant' wait to try and copy them :) You look great!!

    perfectly priya


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